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"Mike Rizzo"
Macomb, MI • United States • 24 Years Old • Male
On Monday Red Wings fans everywhere rejoiced as Nicklas Lidstrom announced he was coming back for a 20th season. With Rafalski already retiring this season Lidstrom retiring would have been a huge blow to the Red Wings. Now the question is what do the Wings do in Free Agency as I will discuss more next week my opinion is they sign Ed Jovonoski to 2 yr 8 million dollar deal 4 million per.
Today Jaromir Jagr's agent announced that Jagr narrowed the three choices to Pittsburgh, Detroit and a "mystery team" which I belief is Toronto. My opinion is that Jagr goes back to Pittsburgh something is telling me that Jagr wants to finish his career were he started it.
At the Board of Governors meetings today the Thrashers move to Winnipeg became official as the owners approved the sale to True North. To the fans in Winnipeg congratulations you guys have hockey back and you are a great fan base. The Winnipeg franchise still does not have a name although the Winnipeg Jets is most likely going to be the name of the franchise.
What is going to happen next year for re alignment and with Phoenix I believe that this time next year we will all be talking about the Quebec Whatevers because that is where the Coyotes will move too. The NHL has to do something to change this you can not just move teams around like musical chairs the NHL should've never expanded south the NHL is a regional sport and as seen by the attendance and all the teams in the red it shows everyone like me was right. So what is the solution the NHLPA will never go for contracting teams to go back to 24 were it should have been all along. Honestly I do not have a good solution what ideas do you guys have?
Moving on to tommroww the NHL Awards Show the following awards are going to be announced and I will also give all of you my predicitions on who wins the award

Norris- I am going with Nicklas Lidstrom to win his 7th Norris trophy
Vezina- Tim Thomas do I have to give a reason
Selke- Ryan Kesler is who I am going with had Pavel Datsyuk been healthy all year most likely this would have been his.
Hart- Cory Perry more goals and without him the Ducks would not have made the playoffs
Lady Byng- Again I believe this is Nicklas Lidstrom
Jack Adams- Dan Blysma the Penguins lost Crosby and Malkin and the Pens still finished 4th
Calder- Jeff Skinner he had the most points of any rookie and he is only 18

Well everyone those were my predictions. I would love to see what all of your predicitions are. Do you agree with me? Am I an idiot? What are your thoughts out there?
Next week I will preview NHL free agency and hopefully we know what Winnipeg's name is going to be by then. Until next week!
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