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"Mike Rizzo"
Macomb, MI • United States • 24 Years Old • Male
The second round of the NHL Playoffs start tonight and already the big name teams are gone Wings, Pens, Canucks, Shark, Hawks and the defending champ Bruins. Parity at its finest people. So without any further ado here are my predictions for the second round of the NHL playoffs:

Blues-Kings (Blues in 7)- This is going to be a very low scoring series in my opinion. I also think each team wins one game in the other teams building. Quick is a elite goalie but i think a game 7 at home were the Blues had the second best home record in the league during the regular season is the thing that wins the series for the Blues.

Predators-Coyotes (Preds in 6)- I am going back and forth on this one as a Wing fan I saw the Predators first hand and to me this team has that look of a very dangerous team. With Rinne, Suter, Weber and a returning Hal Gill, I think the Preds are too good defense wise and the Coyotes are out in 6 and headed to Quebec.

Rangers-Caps (Rangers in 5)- The Rangers had a first round scare and I think that is going to be a wakeup call for the Rangers. Lundqvist is the best goalie in the league in my opinion and as long as the Rangers have him they are my team to beat in the east. The Capitals only hope is for Holtby to stand on his head and have a Gigure like playoff and steal the series.

Devils-Flyers (Flyers in 7)- The only reason I have this going seven games is because the Flyers goaltending has been shaky all year and hell for the last decade its been really shaky. I think the Flyers being so deep and home ice advantage wins the series for the Flyers. Where as the Devils only hope is fo Marty to steal a game or two which can happen but I think its more likely the Flyers goalies lose a couple games, but Flyers still win in 7.

Well those are my picks what are yours? Leave them in the comments.
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