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In The Game, Inc. began putting out the Heroes and Prospects hockey card set during the 2004-05 hockey season. This set has proven to be a favorite among hardcore and casual hockey card collectors alike. Each year the set delivers a great bang for your buck as it is fully loaded with autograph and game used memorabilia pieces of hockey equipment actually worn by players. The mix of hockey icons along with today's top players from the AHL, CHL and the International scene puts the Heroes and Prospects hockey card set in a class of its own.

This year’s set is better than previous years including an all new base card design with a retro twist and featuring a “more and less” theme. The “more and less” theme features fewer boxes being produced, making the set very limited, and 40 more hockey cards added to the regular base set. The additional 40 cards will be game used memorabilia cards from the CHL Top Prospects Game, the CHL’s showcase of future hockey stars.

Hockey players you will find in these cards are Brandon Sutter, Patrick Kane, Angelo Esposito, and Sam Gagner to name a few. Each hockey card from this part of the base set will feature an oversized piece of game worn jersey from the prominent CHL Top Prospects Game.

"We decided to push the envelope slightly with the Heroes and Prospects base set this season and wanted to offer collectors even more value in every box," said In The Game President Dr. Brian H. Price.

The set also features several familiar game used memorabilia insert sets, along with a few spectacular new memorabilia hockey cards. The memorabilia hockey card insert sets making their return are Game-Used Jersey, Game Used Emblem, Game Used Number, Heroes Memorabilia, Net Prospects, Complete Jersey, Double Memo, Quad Emblem, Triple Memo, and Complete Logo. The newest additions to the memorabilia cards are My Country/My Team, Glovers Are Off, and Canada/Russia Challenge.

This years set includes a new concept called Tavares' Firsts. These cards will only be found in the Arena Blaster Versions of the cards.

Tavares’ Firsts feature some exciting events so far in the junior career of The Oshawa Generals’ John Tavares. Tavares is one of the hottest prospects in the hockey card collecting hobby today. During the 2006-07 CHL Season this teenage sensation broke the record for most goals by a 16 year old at 72. Previously the record was held by Wayne Gretzky at 70. During the same season Tavares was the CHL Player of the Year and was named the OHL MVP. During his rookie season, 2005-06, he was named the CHL Rookie of The Year. John Tavares’ future prospects in the game are unlimited making the Tavares’ Firsts insert set a perfect fit into this year’s Heroes and Prospects hockey card set.

Obviously, In The Game has put a lot of thought, care, and effort into bringing this top notch hockey card product to the market. Its no wonder In The Game has earned a reputation for producing some of the most impressive game used memorabilia hockey cards in the hobby.

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I used to have a pretty big card collection but lost 5 binders of cards in a house fire. Lots of great memories of learning about uni coursework help online and hockey through stats and descriptions on the back of hockey cards. I recently started collecting again.
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The program also has many of the classic games perks memory cards, including a few new memory card greetings. Hockey card card launches that enable their return. Try dissertation writing service for us. The latest additions to the postcards are My Country / My Team, The Glovers Are Off, and the Canada / Russia Challenge.
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