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Keenan to Calgary?

Posted 10:12 PM ET | Comments 8
As reported on tsn.ca, it appears Mike Keenan could be back in the NHL - as the head coach of the Calgary Flames.

I'm in shock and disbelief. If this is a rumour then TSN got burnt bad but if it's true, God help Kipper!
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June 14, 2007 12:03 AM ET | Delete
if that is true, game over for flames
June 14, 2007 12:05 AM ET | Delete
I honestly think Keenan is a great coach, but he is also a control freak and I don't see him and Sutter really co-habitating in Calgary. Keenan will want to tear that team apart that Sutter has spent so long developing. On the other hand maybe Keenan is growing softer in his old age. One thing will be for certain though, Keenan will leave a noticable mark on that franchise one way or another...just as any fan of any team that he has coached/managed previously.
June 14, 2007 12:24 AM ET | Delete
Apparently the press conference is sometime tomorrow, and that they will announce that Jim Playfair will probably stay on as an assistant coach.
June 14, 2007 12:39 AM ET | Delete
please God no!!! Keenan will destroy this team, there is no way that him and Sutter would get along. Keenan would look to take over as g.m as soon as he could, the guy is a prick.
June 14, 2007 8:04 AM ET | Delete
So which one will he trade - Kipper or Iginla?
June 14, 2007 8:57 AM ET | Delete
Are you forgetting that he is not going to be the GM??
June 14, 2007 11:55 AM ET | Delete
I don't know...Mike's a nice guy. After destroying the Canucks team when he was here, he made up for it with his involvement in the Luongo deal -- thati s, giving Luongo to the Canucks for "nothing" (sorry Todd, Alex, Bryan). Since he loves Bertuzzi so much, see if he can get Sutter to get him for Calgary. My sympathies to Flames fans --hah!
June 14, 2007 1:18 PM ET | Delete
yes. finally a coach who knows how to win. now the whining in the dressing room can stop.. good bye playfair.. you put us back three years with your inempt coaching.
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