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As we move closer to the draft, Brian Burke and Dave Nonis are working hard at keeping our team competative and the fans as a side effect are gleaming with hope and pride. James Reimer evoked something that sits inside all leafs fans and up until last year, had been lurking in the depths of our collective stomachs, waiting to be unleashed. As we sat and watched the relatively unknown goalie play like an all star and handle the press as if he had been in the league for years, we all wondered if we were really witnessing this type of performance. It really took me back to my childhood when I was mesmerized by Felix Potvin when he stole the number one spot from an aging disinterested Grant Fuhr. Granted the situation was quite different las season when Reimer took the reins. So the question is, will he be able to remain the calm, quiet and determined youngster or will he fold under the pressure of the Toronto spotlight which has claimed many others. I for one believe he is exactly the personality the team has needed for years and finally the players have a goalie to want to win for.

This is my first blog and I hope that it was ejoyable I would love to hear any comments or feedback. Thanks for taking the time to read it.

Jeff greig
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