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The dawn of a new day...

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Early morning hits, I wake up, slowly stretching like a fat old cat lying comfortably in the sun. I sense something is different today but I am too confused and tired to realize why. The smells of coffee and burnt toast fill the air of my place, and as I do every day, I walk over to the kitchen window and stare aimlessly outside at what is the end of another fun filled summer. Then it hit me like a bolt of lightning, I was giddy, smiling like the Grinch as he realized how he could stop Christmas.

Hockey is finally upon us!!!

We have the rookie camps on the verge of kicking off everywhere and the main training camps merely days away. Islander fans will be in for what will be an intriguing if not interesting season. Now yours truly will not debate the fact that the Islanders will probably struggle in the standings this coming season but we have reason to be optimistic, watch and cheer.

Bailey, Okposo, Comeau and Tambellini, are but a few of the young storylines that will dominate our landscape over the 82 game grind that awaits our blue and orange crusaders. Is the team on the right rebuilding path? Is Gordon’s “overspeed” concept really a good idea with so many unproven players on a roster and will Dipietro remain healthy for an entire season? The day is flying by and I cannot remove these ponderings from my ever wandering imagination.

I will be keeping a close eye on how the team will handle Josh Bailey, will they keep him or return him to juniors?...I wonder... Will Tambellini finally have a breakthrough season?...I can only hope... will Streit help right the lost ship that was last season’s dreadful powerplay? Let's cross our fingers ....WOW...The mere thought of the upcoming season and need for some serious Islanders hockey is making me feel like a hungry lion glaring at a herd of wild gazelles on the endless plains....

A new day?...Indeed...

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