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"Buffalo Sabres Blog"
Buffalo, NY • United States • 23 Years Old • Male
New to hockeybuzz my friend and I will be blogging our thoughts and rumors about the wonderful NHL world. With us both being from Buffalo it could be a Sabres focused at times, but lets get to the good stuff.

From what I've heard the Richards race is a two horse race between NY and Toronto. Over the last week or two though the Sabres have jumped in as a dark horse. Many people say why would Richards go to Buffalo? Well let me break it down. It's said Richards wants 3 things:
1. Winner
2. Stable Ownership
3. Money obviously

Remember these 3 things as we go on here.

Lets Start in NY, first off lets look at the players that gone to NY and just evaporated: Gomez, Jagr, Redden, Gaborik (last year at least), Bure, and most recently Drury to name a few. Richards will have a great amount of pressure playing in NY and any Ranger failure will lay on his shoulders. Also how close are the Rangers to winning, at this point the only shot they have is if Lundqvist carries them through the playoffs. Also NY is turning more towards a defensive game under Torts would Richards fit?

To Toronto we go first issue we have here is winning team. Toronto is probably the farthest behind all of these teams. Is Richards willing to go to a team that is in rebuilding? Also more pressure could be put on him then there would be in NY. Last how many questions does Toronto have about even being a playoff team. Will McArthur repeat last season or go back to bein irrelevant. Will Reimer be able to play up to the standard he played to last year. Besides Scheen on D who do the Leafs have to lean on? An aging slow Komisarik? Liles can be counted on for offense then there's....(crickets).

Lets get into Buffalo and under Pegula boy do they mean business. Regehr said no thanks to Buffalo then talked to Mr. Pegula and changed up his decision real fast. Now they go trade for Erhoff's rights (probably wont sign but bold move to show means buisness). Sabres are way closer than either Toronto or NY to being a cup contender. Behind Miller, Myers, Vanek, Regehr, and possibly soon to be Drury the sabres have young talent and leadership. Think of this 1st line Vanek Richards Ennis, "scary good". All in all July 1st should be fun!
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