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Dear Molson Family,

I am hereby informing you of my intention to apply for the post of the General Manager of the Montreal Canadiens. Although my experience is very limited, I plan to explain why I would be by far the best GM the Canadiens have had in the cap era.

It is difficult to truly know what the team would look like under my guidance over the last few years. I can promise you beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is no chance I would have made the Gomez deal, even out of the desperation of losing my job. My love, my passion for this organization would never allow me to deliberately harm the club for my own selfish means. If we look back to this point in time, our team would still have Chris Higgins and Ryan McDonagh, and we would not be burdened by the Scott Gomez contract.

In the following offseason, I would not have targeted Michael Cammalleri nor Brian Gionta, certainly not for the money they ended up receiving. I would instead have treated cap space as an asset. I would have offered Saku Koivu a two year, three million dollar contract and offered Kovalev a two year, eleven million dollar contract.

It's hard to say looking forward how I would have handled the club, as we are dealing with purely fictional and hypothetical situations. I would have handled the Price/Halak issue pretty much the same way, although I am now concerned at Price's lack of playoff success and poor overtime record. I would have done what I could have to keep Maxim Lapierre happy and with the club.

I would have brought in an enforcer and a a couple of tougher players. Last year, I would have picked Sheldon Souray off waivers because we needed his toughness against the Bruins in the playoffs. I would have targeted Aaron Asham in the offseason.

I would not have resigned Markov to any more than three million a year.

The first thing that needs to be done with today's team is to establish whether or not it good enough to win the Stanley Cup with a few tweaks. If not, we need to figure out how we can get there. Are Gionta and Cammelliri part of the Championship future? Should we keep them to help develop the current players, or should we get draft picks or prospects for them at the deadline? What do we do with Gomez? These are the problems I would need to address ASAP.

Please, if you are not going to bring in somebody else to address these issues, fire Gauthier and hire me immediately.

With warm regards and high hopes,


P.S. In the interest of full disclosure, I did promise my brother a job within the organization if hired.
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