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Canadiens' fans worldwide hang and hide their heads in shame as the Circ du Gauthier continues to embaress our proud organization. There is no doubt that the bottom has dropped out of whatever plan and rebuild Andre Savard had started and we have in fact returned to the days of Houle the Fool and Mario Trembley blindly leading the team through a mine field.

Once you've accepted that, and realize that your worst nightmare of hiring Pierre McGuire would still improve the current situation, you have to be impressed with the potential of a lottery pick and the performance of a young core.

When evaluating the Habs this year, I think you have to say the development of Desharnais, Eller, Diaz and Emelin have all been a pleasant surprise. Pacioretty has recovered from Chara's attempted murder. Price continues to show himself to be one of the top goalies in the league (for sixty minutes anyway) and Subban is settling in. Cole appears to have been an excellent signing and Bourque cannot be more of a disappointment than you know who.

So now, when I think about the Scott Gomez deal...taking on that ridiculous contract and giving away McDonagh...I have to ask myself, if we had McDonagh and Higgins, could we possibly be bad enough to finish last in the conference and potentially acquire Nail Yakupov or Mikhail Grigorenko? Either one a blue chip prospect, a potential superstar, and the brightest star potential since Guy Lafluer!

So my message to all my Habs fans out there is...continue wearing the paper bags over your heads. The state of the franchise is in terrible peril...but IF a change is made in the front office (not Gainey please, he helped put us here) than the future ACTUALLY looks very bright. Thank the hockey Gods for dumb luck!
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Well said :-p
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True fax
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