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Bobby Ryan rumors

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Bobby Ryan seems to be heading everywhere and nowhere, as the Ducks are in desperate need of a puck moving defenseman and flexibility with the cap. Some of the teams mentioned most often are Toronto, Philadephia and columbus, none of whom really seem to have quite the pieces in place to pull off a deal. Burke in Toronto seems like a good trade partner, he drafted Ryan and has been boldd agressive in the past. Schenn seems like a good candidate but not enough for Ryan. Columbus doesnt really have either the cap space or the personel, and Philly needs a center more than another shooter.
My dark horse is Detroit. They have the cap space, a smart GM in Ken Holland and a nhl ready defenseman in Brendan Smith who would be a top four right now with a solid chance of being a top pairing d-man for the next ten years. And he has a bit of a nasty streak, something that goes well in Duck land. Smith and a first rounder while Holland might have to swallow hard to offer it just might get the job done, and the Wings would get the scoring Wing they really need without breaking up a core that is primed for a good run.
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