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Vancouver, BC • Canada • 24 Years Old • Male
Following the abrupt ending to what was a dream run, and a fantastic playoff ride for the Vancouver Canucks and their fans, I sat on the sidewalk on Granville Street, Head in hands fighting back tears as I watched my city burn. After a trip to the pub with my good buddy and fellow "browntobure" blogger, where we disccussed all the things that went wrong, what could have been and where we were headed. I came to the conclusion that next year would be different... This feeling of heartbreak after all the emotion put into the playoffs was a horribly gut wrenching feeling, so I promised myself I would not get as emotionally invested this year. One of the main things that never fails to get me going is the interaction with other fans. Mission failed, day one of the pre season and what happens, The Flames beat the Canucks... I know I know, big deal right... that's what any rational person would say as well. Then you realize that these aren't rational people we're dealing with, these are Calgary Flames fans. These are the same people that are hanging on to Stanley Cups won over 20 years ago, and of course when any debate over the constant state of both teams, they always fall back on this one point and one point only. These are also the people who honestly believe, deep in the pits of their empty heads and heartless souls that in the new nhl, Miikaa Kuprusoff could once again catch lightning in a bottle and carry this team of washed up rejects to the promise land... News flash folks, Todd Bertuzzi aint sucker punching anyone soon to pave the way, and Daryl Sutter's fantastic gm job has left the cupboard bare for years to come, when sure enough, your provincial rivals will also blow past you. So do what you keep doing, losing game's and missing the playoffs while we at least play for the cup... we may not win but its better to be at the dance, to not even get invited. Any time you want to chirp, we'll be here waiting. Hopefully not though, as we'd like to spend our time discussing the ins and outs of a real hockey team. Enjoy the Show.

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