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Hey guys. I just thought that I would bring up a real interesting topic, that may or may not be a major factor in the up coming weeks. It's as simple as this and it's called the Dion Sweepstakes. Quite frankly I feel that maybe this could be above and beyond what Calgary fans want, trading away the Top young D-man in the Leaque. I wonder what we could get in return, surly Sutter could get a First rounder and a top notch Center. I have my doubts that we could not benefit from this. So trade him than, this would stop the worring about next years cap space, along with the possibility of not resigning Langkow or Huselius. We could even give Connie another go, who by the way is the main man in the dressing room. I don't feel that Dion wants to go, but in this day and age sometimes holding on to something could cause missing out on something. I found that in the chat room players names like Savard, Boyle, Kessel among others were up for grabs when I mentioned that I would trade Dion. Maybe Sutter feels the way I do. Who knows, and maybe I'm off my rocker, but I say at least see what other GMs have to offer, their could be an offer out there that Sutter can not pass up. Just an other note, I enjoy this web site, but what ,makes it so good is all the friends that I talk to everyday in chat. I enjoy chatting to my buddy FLAMESTR and talking about the FLames and the highs and lows.EVERY ONE here is and knows Hockey. ADIOS Fellas.
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January 23, 2008 11:48 PM ET | Delete
life of a hockey player its a business first before pleasure simple as that buddy. I don't know if he will be traded but I trust sutter to get the best he can get
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