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The Comebacks Teams?

Posted 2:45 PM ET | Comments 0
This no matter what is a postseason to remember. Three strong teams, contending favorites being turned into teams that look like they don't belong where they are. If all three comeback this is movie worthy for a comeback movie. Storylines written all over. Lets look series by series.

Vancouver Vs Los Angeles
This although the games don't dictate has been tight, for the most part Vancouver is playing good but they don't have enough quality chances. The Kings are priving to be kings in the crunch for quality and timing with scoring. Vancouver has the heart, the talent, and goaltending to comeback but will they show it, do they believe in themselves enough to throw the Kings on the edge. These kings are a defense stalwart with timely scoring... 2011 Bruins anyone?

Nashville VS Detroit
This series isn't an upset but the Red Wings were expected to compete much more. The Predators are proving that they are just playoff hungry a deadly combination when you compare to that of the Oilers a few years back as well as the Hurricanes. The Red Wings unless they show great depth and screwed.

Pittsburgh VS Philadelphia
Everyone is talking badly about the Pengiuns but I must say thank you crosby for sticking up. This is one bad playoffs for the Pengiuns for anyone that can go wrong is but this isnt about them it's about the Flyers. At the moment they are seemingly those old Oilers with gretzky, just unstopable, completely unflappable. They look to be in complete perfection, harmony, balance, composure just perfect. If the Flyers keep this exact play up it's a guaranteed Cup for them so while the Pens are struggling it all has to do with the Flyers, they are flying high I should say.
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