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After injuries to Spacek and Kalinin, the latter of whom could be out a month or more, the Sabres are considering signing 32 year old Nolan Pratt, according to two sources:



If Darcy Regier decides to sign Pratt, whom according to the above stories the Sabres were considering signing over the summer and is lives in the Tampa area -- where the Sabres play tommorrow night -- it would bring some immediate relief to the blueline. Buffalo will have two rookies (Sekera and Weber) and sophomore Nathan Paetsch in the lineup tonight.

But should he sign Pratt?

As the Sabres learned the hard way two seasons ago in the ECF, you can't have too much depth on defense. But Paetsch has developed into a bonafide NHLer, Sekera is trying proves he can be one too, and don't forget that Teppo Numminen may still decide to resume his career. Assuming a healthy blueline (which I know, is assuming a lot), that means at least one, maybe two, top six defensemen in the press box on a nightly basis.

Does Darcy have a larger plan, perhaps to eventually trade a d-man?
Is he starting to panic after going 0-3 and losing two d-men to injury?
Should he sign Pratt, or maybe some other free agent defenseman?

What do you think?
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