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The only thing missing from the Avalanche Game was the home team advantage. Sorry but I am going to say it one of the best teams in the league (for the moment) have a horrible fan base. Never in my life have I been to a home game and heard the away team chant... And the worst part was that the home team chants where swiftly overcome by "Lets go Blackhawks." Absolutely terrible for a true Aves fan to endure.
Despite the disadvantage of being at home... The Aves played a well rounded game till the final buzzer. The team has fire and the young players have chemistry together. The two key Avalanche players of the game were #1 and #37. First the young tender, Varlamov; the key to his game composure. When the Hawks scored, he easily skated it off and upped his game. At 5 minutes left in the second he made the highlight of the game absolutely robbing the Hawks of their best scoring chance of the game. The Aves' unsung hero was definately O'Reilly, who came to this game ready to play. Every time he was on the ice it was noticeable, the puck found him and he found the open ice. The real miracle of the game was that he didn't score. If you have a chance to watch this game again look for O'Reilly to stand out.
All in all it was a great team effort by the Aves, even with their lack of fan appreciation. Hopefully as the team continues with their season they gain the fan support that they deserve.
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