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Hot streak or for real?

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I'd like to begin my blog by saying hello. This Is is my first blog and I'd like to warn all other bloggers that I may be stealing their readers cause I am about as good at writing as Ovechkin is scoring goals. My favorite team is the e 1st place oilers and the majority of my blogs will be about them. So let's get down to busieness.

The oilers play yet another home game tonight against the blues. I'm interested to watch this game because the oilers winning of recent is being referred to as a hot streak so I look to see the youngsters prove this ist just a 10 game period of hot play. I'm predicting Paajarvi to score a big goal tonight finagling getting him of the snide and the nuge to get a couple assists. The final score tonight will be a 3-1 win for "the kids in the Hall".

The next ten games will show whether or not the oil are for real. Its hard to argue that it just 2 ten game hot streaks in a row! Sorry for the very short first blog but I don't want to impress to much. Look for a blog following the
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