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Capitals Lines/ Semin

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So the Capitals have put together a good solid team, more depth then I have ever seen before, however is it just me or does coach Bruce have no idea of how to put lines together? I don't understand why he is trying to change everything up, I mean the third line has better players on it then the second line. Semin, Johansson, and Eakin in the last game........ Why is Brouwer on the first line?

Semin is getting paid 6.7 million dollars a year, and has the best shot in the nhl and is sickly skilled yet you place Eakin on his line.... really? Why not go with what has worked. Put OV with Backy and KNUBLE as they are all familiar and is one of the best lines in hockey. I like Johansson with Semin I think they play well together so why not throw Laich on the wing? He can play wing and it would be an amazing second line.

Third likn, Joel Ward, Chimera and Brouwer would be a threat against any line, power, grit skill and speed. Perreault, Hendricks and Halpern. You could always make a few changes but Semin needs to play with TOP end players. He NEEDS Laich, or Ward on line for some strength and grit and create some open space for him. You could easily roll all 3 lines every single time and the fourth line is great as well. Halpern is a great penalty killer and Hendricks is a tough, gritty and actually skilled fourth liner. These are just my thoughts on this. Semin has potential to be top 10 in the league in points and we're paying him first line money, so give him the chance to shut his critics up
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