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Januray 6th, 11:30 PM, My first ever tweet to TH2N was featured on TSN2., ON • Canada • 2012 Years Old • Male
First off, I do not beleive montreal needs to draft a Defencemen this upcoming draft, so I am writing this blog as if they will be drafting one of the top 4 offencive prospects that could go in the top 5 in Pittsburgh this June.

1. Nail Yakupov (5'11, 189lbs) - W - Sarnia Sting - 37GP/30G/35A/65PTS/26PIM
2. Mikhail Grigorenko (6'3, 200lbs) - C - Quebec Remparts - 57GP/37G/41A/78PTS/8PIM
3. Filip Forsberg (6'2, 181lbs) - LW - Leksand - 39GP/8G/7A/15PTS/33PIM
4. Alex Galchenyuk (6'1, 198lbs) - C - Sarnia Sting - 0GP/0G/0A/0PTS/0PIM (2010-11 Totals: 68GP/31G/52A/83PTS/52PIM)

If you don't know the story behind any of these players, you can search them up yourself. The point of this blog is to tell you which player I beleive the habs should pick up by position, not by name.

Let's assume montreal has a top 5 pick this year.. and let's assume that they will get whoever they want. My question to you is how many first line RW, LW and Centers in the Canadiens organization are talented enough to play on the first line?

Here is what I match up to other teams talent levels:

Pacioretty (2nd-1st)
Bourque (2nd-3rd)
Moen (3rd-4th)
Blunden (4th)
Darche (4th)

Cole (2nd)
Palushaj (3rd-4th)
Gionta (2nd)
Staubitz (4th)

Plekanec (2nd)
Desharnais (2nd)
Gomez (2nd-3rd)
White (4th)
Nokaleinen (4th)
Geoffrion (will probably be a winger, 3rd)
Eller (2nd-1st)

First of all, there is no balance in this team what so ever.
All role players, none playing the right roles.

Now I am going to showcase who I beleive has a shot, (even slightly) at making the big club next year from montreals current prospects.

Right Wingers:

- Brendan Gallagher (3rd-2nd(if lucky))
- Patrick Holland (3rd)
- Aaron Palushaj (3rd-4th)


-Louis Leblanc (3rd-2nd(capability,not realistic))
- Michael Bournival (4th-3rd)
- Blake Geoffrion(3rd)

All in all, I have showcased 4 second line centers, and 4 possible top 6 wingers. Unless of course Gallagher, Geoffrion or Leblanc can suprise. The wingers being Gionta, Bourque, Cole and Pacioretty.

Assuming the line of Pacioretty-Desharnais-Cole isnt to be tamperd with that leaves you with the possibilty of


As your other top 6.

Unfortunatly, but realistically, Pacioretty-Desharnais-Cole is a second line in the NHL. Pacioretty can make a push for first but you don't want to tamper with chemistry.

Even more unfortunatly realistic, Bourque is most likely a third line player whereas Gionta MAY be able to play on a first line. Howevever, he is also a second line, breaching on third line player.

So I ask you, what is more valuable at this point in time. A forsure first line center? When habs have 4 already capable 2nd line centers; including Plekanec who is used to playing first line minutes and Eller, who in all reality has the most natural offencive skill on the team. Or a top line winger? Because habs fans are tired of seeing Moen on the top 2 lines.

If montreal could get yakupov or forsberg to play on the first line, (or second for only next year) with Eller at center, and a winger pickup from trade using Plekanec, Gionta, prospects.. anything really, then montreal would have a more Balanced team.

Yes a sure top line center like Grigorenko or Galchenyuk would be nice, but unless they are crosby, they won't win the habs anything without wingers.

So in my opinion Yakupov and Forsberg should be montreal's main target this upcoming draft.


Is what I would strive for if I was GM.

Balance is key to a successful team. Let your role players play the right roles.
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March 1, 2012 4:17 PM ET | Delete
It all depends where the habs draft...I think they will be 2nd-3rd depending on the oilers. Yakupov will be gone...so now IMO it's between Grigorenko and Galchenyuk. If the habs fall to 4th because of the lottery than Forsberg would really not be bad either.
March 1, 2012 11:46 PM ET | Delete
wow you guys are old and have no one good thank god you will be a crapy team for the next 6 years
March 2, 2012 5:36 PM ET | Delete
My take on it... the Habs are going to surprise a lot of people and go with the best d-man available. Somebody who is a great all around D. It will solidify their defense for many years to come getting a near-NHL ready elite D prospect. Beaulieu and Tinordi down the line to add to the mix with Subban, Gorges, Emelin etc. Should be really solid if we get an immediate impact player regardless of D or FWD and knowing the Habs it's a D. With Price in the mix we could be Nashville 2.0
March 2, 2012 11:00 PM ET | Delete
i say be gal or Murray
March 8, 2012 11:54 PM ET | Delete
The only thing I can say is that they need a player who can impact them in a positive way.. next year.
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