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Jackets GM Scott Howson has mentioned that he is going to make his last-placed club and make it a top 10 team. He has also mentioned that his team will be shaken up in the up comming weeks leading to the Febuary, 27 trade dealine.

Now the Columbus Dispatch has mentioned that the Blue Jackets' players are feeling some sort of effects that moves are comming up and they are worried who might be the next out.

Some big names that have been mentioned to be traded are Rick Nash and Jeff Carter. Rumors around the web are indecating that Jeff Carter to the Toronto Maple Leafs but there is no response on who the Leafs will give back.

Don't expect Center man Derick Brassard to be shiped off, he has been a target of many trade talks all season long but he has been pretty calm right now for the past few weeks and seems he has found his spot on the 4th line.

I'm thinking that the Leafs and Jackets will have a trade in dea but on the Leafs end it has been quiet. GM Brian Burke has not said anything about a trade with the Jackets but yet again Burke is very unpredictable
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