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"Leafs in the winter, Jays in the summer "
Leafs in the winter, Jays in the summer, ON • Canada • 18 Years Old • Male
Honestly, I couldn't think of a better story for the 2012 NHL season. An 8th place team barely makes the playoffs after having an abysmal year were they couldn't score to save their lives. It took a head coach change, a huge trade and a lot of luck to even accomplish this. And yet, here we are, congratulating the LA Kings! It's quite amazing really, I had them picked every round to lose, except for this one. It took me three rounds to finally see that they are a serious team, and are arguably the best team in the league. All their players clicked at the right time, and they had the help from their Conn Smythe winning goaltender to help patch up the mistakes the team did make.

As much flak as the team had been getting, they deserve this. Congratulations LA Kings and may you have a fun night ahead.

PS. Carter and Richards, come home alive tomorrow.

PPS. Taylor Stevens, PLEASE come to every LA game next year so I can just see you
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