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As I sit on the ''throne'' typing away on my PDA, I was thinking of how I am a Hockey fan more than a Bruins or Buffalo fan. I follow the playoffs when my teams aren't in it and the time between the Finals and July 1st I spend most of my free time reading about upcoming moves. But not just Bruins or Sabres moves but ALL of the teams moves.
Damn typing on these things are tough, but I am getting better. Back to my point. Even though I would like my teams to win it all, I will root for teams that haven't won it in a while or never at all when it comes down to the wire. I would get a players jersey from another team because I like how that that player plays. I sir, do not discriminate talent. I appreciate talent and that is why I love the game.
So ask yourself, are you a hockey fan? If your favorite player leaves the team you root for, do you call him a bum or do you wish him luck and continue to follow his career? I know what I would do...as I said to Mr. Thornton, I will say to Mr. Drury, good luck.
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