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I know I am jumping ahead of the 2007-08 season, but I thought I would start to look down the road a little just for fun.

I made a prediction the beginning of the 2006-07 season that the TEAM TO BE LATER NAMED would win the Cup within the next 3 years. Well, that did not happen last year and I can see them going far this year, but still don't have enough experience to capture the Cup. Teams like Ottawa, NYR, and Anaheim will dominate once again this year. But that is for another blog....

This team has a solid core of youth, mixed with veterans with plenty of playoff experience. When the Cup is not obtained this year, more players will want to play for this organization because of its growing success. I could also see this organization becoming one of those long lost "dynasty teams".

This team is the Pittsburgh Penguins.

So remember when you see Sidney hoisting the cup in June (shudder) of 2009, you read it here first.
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