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Rangers in the Abyss?

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Why are the Ranger slowly falling in to the abyss?
Why aren't they mucking and grinding out anymore 2-0 games?

I'll tell you why cause Sean Avery is out again after being hit by a team mates puck!
This Ranger team misses Sean Avery more than they would miss even Jagr?
Ok, maybe not, but you never know!

He proved he was a spark plug and that he could play in different situations. Sean can kill penalties, be aggressive, play on the wing, play center, take face-offs and be a master agitator, which is something the Rangers need badly.
The Rangers without Avery are playing without passion. In fact they are playing like they are pretenders.
Last night's game was so bad I couldn't believe it was the same team that was averaging 2 goals against per game. They gave up 6 goals to the lowly Maple Leafs. Lundqvist, was pulled after 2 periods. It wasn't pretty my friends.
Believe me hockey fans, without Avery the Rangers are a dead team walking , instead of a great team skating.

While everybody talks about Avery's dirty play and foul mouth they forget about one thing, his entertainment value. This guy provides some serious entertainment.
Whenever Sean Avery is on the ice your eyes are fixated on him.
Believe me , I wish he was still here in Los Angeles. We miss him.
With out a doubt the Ranger's REALLY miss him.

I'll make anyone a bet that when Sean Avery gets back, the Rangers will again play like a real contender for the Stanley Cups. Rather than a team that will not make the playoffs.

Yes, love him, or hate him, Sean Avery is what the Ranger's and the NHL needs.
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