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6 Losses in a row

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After the difficult loss at the hands of the Colorado Avalanche last night, we are able to sit back and get a better idea of what this team needs. No, this team does not need a goaltender. While people love to jump all over Crawford and Emery, it is the core of six D in front of him that should worry hawk faithful the most. So, we begin with a number 4 defenseman. Keith and Seabrook are very good together but, what is needed is another quality defenseman that can be mixed and matched with Seabrook, Keith and Hjalmarsson. What does this mean? Well, think back to last year. If keith and seabrook needed to be seperated, then Hjalmarsson would slide in to the slot alongside Keith and Seabrook would play alongside Brian Campbell. That is something the hawks are severely in need of. Leddy needs to play a season of third pair minutes to learn the speed of the game and develop into the player that a lot in Hawk nation envision.
Next it is clear this team lacks sand paper. Though not a fan of Stan Bowman, he did make two moves that I will give just do. The addition of Jamal Mayers has been great. Though a fourth line player at this point, Mayers hits and stirs the pot every now and then. This may get me hung, but the addition of Daniel Carcillo is important as well. Dan Carcillo took dumb penalties and even lost his season taking one, but what Carcillo brought to line-up every night was a tenacity and forecheck that allowed space for the skill players to do there job. He fought and got in the face of opponents. This type of player left town when Burish, Eager etc. were forced to pack their bags. So what is needed on the front end? Not necessarily a second line center, but the tenacious winger and responsible defensive forward that will make hell for defensman every night they play the hawks. Ex:Asham, Avery, Powe, Burish. If this team is going to compete for the cup come playoff time these needs need to be a addressed.
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