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Well...the hawks beat three very good teams in NYR, DET, and STL. But, they are now sitting in another familiar spot. They have lost three consecutive games one at home and two in the state of California to two very hungry teams. They currently hold the sixth spot with 71 points and the Toronto Maple Leafs on deck for tomorrow night. When three o'clock rolled around yesterday to mark the NHL trade deadline, myself as well as Hawk nation were left with one simple reaction, "Is that it?" Stanbo wheeled Oduya from the Winnipeg Jets for two draft picks. What was not addressed however was the need of toughness and physicality that has been a glaring issue with the hawk lineup. So then Mr. Bowman deals John Scott...
What does Stan receive for his trade deadline grade? I give him a C-, and let me be honest, there are others that would not be so generous. Johnny Oduya was a good pick up for the hawks and will relieve Sean Odonnell of his duties for now. The Hawks were in need of toughness. Rumors swirled around former Hawks Adam Burish and Ben Eager, Dallas' Steve Ott and Montreal's Travis Moen. The Hawks did not acquire any of these players but instead shipped away the only fear factor on the roster. That being said, Brandon Bollig was brought up from Rockford along with Andrew Shaw to provide spark and energy. I do think fans of the Hawks will enjoy what Bollig brings. He can throw, he hits and plays well defensively.
This brings me to the finally and ultimately why I would refer to today as a very grey day. Speculation is that the Hawks leader and to be honest the pulse of this organization is done for the year. Two injuries are being thrown around at this moment, one is his shoulder and second is that he has a concussion. Other than the obvious reasons for sadness if this is true, this draws our attention back to Bowman. If this is the case, then why on earth was a move not made to try and somewhat account for the offense you lose with Jonathan Toews injury? On the other side of the spectrum, I myself believe that it is not long term or else Bowman's head would be on an axe for not getting something done. The car accident Toews was in plays a significant role in the speculation as well. Did Toews loose control of his vehicle because his shoulder was reacting to the driving movement causing pain leading to the loss of control of his vehicle? Is he dizzy and light headed from a concussion that may have impaired his driving? Right now we dont know, but we know that the captain will not be in the line-up for tomorrow night against Toronto.

Like we have for the last two weeks, all we can do is sit back and wait.

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If TOEWS is gone for the year, the HAWKS do not make the playoffs. On the other hand, they should call up PIRRI for some offense. Again, BRUNETTE does not cut it. He cannot keep up with HOSSA and KANE. Last night, those two were playing 4 on 5 against the leafs and dominated but that was the LEAFS. Thus, the real problem remains on the wing.
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