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Wow, Playoff Time

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I could not even here the anthem. It was a sold out playoff atmosphere at the United Center last night, and the game that followed, well, it was all anyone could ask for out of a Chi-Van affair.

Thoughts on the game: We will get to the chippy stuff a little later. This was an excellent hockey game. The physicality, the goaltender play mirrored the game 7 that took place last April. Crawford and Luongo were sensational. Crawford made five HUGE saves in the third period when the Canucks pressed for the lead. The remaining three of the big four were sensational. Marian Hossa made plays, couldnt finish, but was still a force. Patrick Sharp was shooting from everywhere and played well in both ends. Patrick Kane is playing like an animal. He was questioned for his effort and dedication in the past, but all I hear is crickets coming from the Patrick Kane critics right now. He has flat out elevated his play and is hard not to notice every night. Seabrook, Oduya, Leddy were great on the back end and the Shaw-Bolland-Bickell line was great from horn to horn.

Now for my take on the chippyness. If your looking for a soft write up this is not the blog to read. Duncan Keith was given a shoulder to the head by Daniel Sedin in the corner and then decided it would be best to forearm shiver Sedin in open ice right in the mouth. I want to make it clear that I am not for that type of play. However, I am not at all upset that a hawk player took a liberty with an opposing star player like we have seen with players taking shots at Kane and Toews. I think we are going to see a domino effect with the Keith suspension. If Daniel is given a game for his shot on Keith then Keith will get a more lengthy ticket as well. If Sedin receives a fine, I think we see Keith get 1-2 games. The actions of Bieksa and Burrows in that scrum were not at all surprising. I have a severe dislike for Alex Burrows and the way he plays the game. He continues to push the envelope with his actions. He had the biting episode in last years SCF and the hair pulling when Keith was ready to kill him two years ago. Kevin Bieksa is hated by Hawk nation as well. However, I would pay immense amounts of money to have him on our blue line. His actions were a bit ridiculous last night as well and I would have payed extra to see him go toe to toe with Seabrook.

All in all it's five in a row and the Hawks are tied with their Sunday visitors from Nashville. Hopefully the fire stays lit till mid June.

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