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Ouch, Thoughts on Keith

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Preds 6 Hawks 1. The streak was not going to last forever. But what this blowout on home ice suggests is that the Hawks are going to have a rough stretch without their captain and Norris trophy winning defensman. Is this an acceptable excuse for the Hawks uninspired play last night? No. But with a semi cozy spot in the sixth spot, a 3-2 record without Keith would solidify a playoff spot.

After Brandon Bollig's feeding of Jordan Tootoo and the Hawks early chances the outcome does look a bit startling. However, after Bollig fought Tootoo the Hawks were pinned in their zone for the next 40 seconds leading to the first Nashville goal. After that the wheels came off.

I have yet to speak and voice my opinions on the Duncan Keith 5 game sentencing. There are two questions to be asked when evaluating this situation. 1. Did Duncs deserve a five game suspension and should Sedin be punished as well? 2. Is this another example of of the Dept. of Player Safety not acting in a consistent manner?

1. To be honest, Duncan Keith should be suspended without a doubt. However, if Keith is to serve five, then why is Daniel not given a couple? Before I get harassed with the because he was hurt and cant play response, take this into account. If Brendan Shanahan really wants to get a strangle hold on this issue, regardless of outcome, he needs to begin to eliminate hits such as Daniel's as well. This turns me to question 2.

2. I don't understand why a first time offender is given this severe a suspension when Shane Doan was given three games for a pretty close to identical elbow on Jamie Benn. We can also look back at Rene Bourque who is a repeat offender and was suspended the same 5 games for his hit on Niklas Backstrom of the Washington Capitlas. Shanahan has been given a difficult job and has been scrutinized heavily throughout the year. No one is on Shanahan about the suspensions he has handed out, but his blatant inconsistency in addressing similar hits by his former team as well as other occurrences. Consistency is key in this matter and for now it is the key to the beginning of eliminating this problem.

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March 26, 2012 6:47 PM ET | Delete
Elbows to heads have no place in hockey. Personally they should make it a minimum 10 games for blatant head shots and go up from there. 3-5 games doesn't deter any player interested in doing something like that in the first place.
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