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Warming up is what the Sabres will need to do here tonite on the Island. Maybe the Nor'Easter will throw the Islanders for a loop and Buffalo will be able to weather the storm. Lindy better get the boyz in line. What will the lines be? Will Kotalik be down on the 4th line again, and Staff up with Drury and Zubs? The disappearing act of the fearsome foursome must end tonite. This team is not big and bad if all the scoring is from the Dmen. It appears as though the Sabres nation is falling apart after the game 2 loss. Do they expect perfection? Remember this is a series, not a one nite affair. When series is tied 1-1, the winner of game 3 wins the series 69% of the time.
The party starts on GreenMeadow a few minutes before 730. The game will be watched fireside as we burn off our remaining few logs of wood. GO SABRES!!!!!!!!
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