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As stated by rule 69.6, a play (goal) is not reviewable if the opposing team intereferes or pushes the goaltender into the net, causing the puck to go in the net. The ruling will be the best judegement of the on ice official.

You cannot take anything against the referee in this difficult situation. They did their best. Who knows, the ref may have lost sight of the puck. In that case he blows the whistle immmediately. Now its probably alot easier for me to say this, as we were teh benficiary of this call. Of course, how many times have we been on the other side.
No matter what, the Islanders are playing excellent, they are playing excellent in every game this series but it is not enough. They are outmatched by Buffalo.
Besides this call, the refs have sucked for both teams all series long. But its only the losers who can use that as an excuse.
This contraversial goal/no goal should not taint the efforts of both teams
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