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Well the Sabres lost because they were outplayed once again. The series is tied up 2-2 and headed back to Buffalo. it now becomes a best of 3 series with 2 games on Buffalo's ice. With 17 seconds left Briere attempted a wrap around that needed a closer look. Heres the issue
Based on the video angles shown on VS you could not tell if the puck completely went across the line. What angles did Toronto have? They obviously did not have an angle that showed the puck clearly over the line because their decision was no goal based on inconclusive evidence.
Based on observation, common sense, perception of your eye, natural laws of physics, the puck was completely across the line. You would have to be a moron if you argue with me that the puck did not completely cross the line. But the NHL does not make decisions based on those.
The NHL did make the right call, cuz they just didnt know. They cannot say "YES" it did cross the line or "NO" it didnt cross the line.
This inconclusive scenario may have happened before in this sport but now its my time to discuss. As a fan of hockey, the NHL, and the Buffalo Sabres, Im troubled by the fact that we cannot get the correct decision. I pay for season tickets, i purchase merchandise, my parents pay the cable bill so i can watch on tv, yet i am robbed of the opportunity to have the correct decision made. This was not a judgement call, it was clear cut; IN COMPLETELY or NOT IN COMPLETELY, and they couldnt figure it out.
Im not disappointed in the outcome of the game, the Sabres lost hands down, but im disappointed in the review system or lack thereof. As a paying fan, Id like to see something done about this.
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