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Is there any doubt now? Collberg is the best player in hockey.

Who else could have pulled off that amazing deke? Certainly not Sidney Crosby.

He is tearing the WJHC a new bumhole with 4 goal and two assists... Simply unheard of talent.

He is just simply unstoppable there even rumours hes injured imagine if he was 100% He would be the best player in the UNIVERSE

Collberg is one of the best hockey players EVER. There is simply just no doubting it.

ClutchBerg is one hell of a player.

I can't believe the best player in NHL history was passed up on until the 2nd round.

But seriously im just joking around, but as you can see anyone can make a blog like D(G)arth.

Ps: Greg Pateryn is the next Bobby Orr and would be the best prospect in every other teams prospect pool.
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