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"A New Way of Thinking"
Fredericton, NB • Canada • 23 Years Old • Male
Quarter past midnight local time and I have just woken from a deep state of self introspective reality. As I think to myself do any of these people on the ice have any idea on the certain danger they face. "They are surly going to sink I thought to myself" it's like water "How are they doing it?" "Is it real?"

God this is still ongoing I'd better settle down and get ready for the long hall. Hockey is the true sport of champions; boxing may have its charms but I cannot recall Muhammad Ali floating like a butterfly while on a sheet of frictionless white.

They are trying to get inside of my head now; there is no way I have only been here for 80 minutes "God I must have been here for at least 4 days, maybe a month....oh well none of that is important now"

I only wish that the Penguins would have moved to Vegas; now that would have been a team that I could truly get behind. There would be nothing in the world like wondering in from the dessert after a five day long vision quest and seeing a frozen pond; that would be a sight to see.

I don't know how they expect me to report under these conditions. My glass has been empty for several minutes now and I am memorized by this gigantic robot cube that seems to be searching for something....maybe someone. I know the tactics of these metallic beast; they may seem slow but they are cunning. Turn you back for one second and BANG they've got you. The Vancouver and Dallas soldiers take back the rink from the metal cube thinking it's gone. "IT’S BEHIND THE DOOR!!!" I yelled by drew only muffled and screwed looks from the fanatical people in the stands.

This is becoming intense; the ringing goes on and on. I cannot tell if it is in my mind any longer or is part of the action. "LUONGO" is all I here. This action is intense. An expert gives his advice to clear my schedule until 3 o'clock in the morning; if this poor fool only knew what was going on here. I know something is going to happen I can feel it creeping up behind me. That feeling you get when you feel like someone may hit you from behind.

You've got to admire a player like Luongo; played is Florida for a number of years. I cannot imagine the trying times for him. As it is for my understanding he had to deal with constant thrashings and storms with no sign of shelter anywhere. Well buddy your back in Canada now so don't worry we take care of out own.

"By god he just ran over that blue snake", it ripped his helmet completely off his head; a good reason not mess with snakes I would say. Twins playing for the same team; just think if they could switch jerseys fast enough during the game; the power they'd harness. If I was coaching either of these teams I would have my players deal with all of the covert agents of the other team before I worried about getting the next goal; that's where they get you....the spies.

This has been a grueling game everyone is exhausted; especially me thankfully I have plenty is reserve. If it doesn't end within the day however I fear I may have to venture out for supplies. I may have to come to the realization that this game may never end; and endless purgatory of hockey...amazing.

BLOOD!!! Someone has been injured. The fans are sitting quietly but with no call the fans seem pleased. The bloodied man, Morrow, is told to leave the ice. Nobody seems to share the same level of concern.....maybe I imagined it.

It's now past 1 am in Texas. I assume that 1 am in Texas is the same as 1 am many other places in the world; the squares will be heading home to bed while the rest of us are just getting riled up. This is about to get wild!!! The free flowing drink has made this a remarkable sight. I cannot recall the last time there was so much anarchy.

The deafening roar.....I cannot make out much....something about a deviated septum....whose septum? I couldn't take the odd fellow any longer so I relocated. They've stopped, this is thought-provoking. Did I miss something? "What?!?!" Another frame it appears to be.

There he is again. I'll get that metal SOB this time; I cannot let him do this. "RISE UP WITH ME MY BROTHERS!!!! WE CAN TAKE HIM!!!!" I get awkward looks surly I can't take him by myself. Maybe if I settle the metal mass won't notice anything is amiss; it doesn't know I know what it's up to. This battle will be fought on another day.

Back to the game. This is the first battle of a massive war between two hardcore factions. There will surely be nobody left standing after this one is finished. With the length of this game....at this rate the article will be over before the game. "Wide of the Goal." It seems we'll be here a little while more. A dastardly tactic trying to take the referee out of the game, but what if it would have worked we could have seen a new face of hockey; one without officials.....but I guess we don't have to deal with it since it didn't happen....didn't it? Who said that? Linden?

Back to coherency after one of my blackouts the end has come. Vancouver appear to be the victors. Sedin will get credit for being the OT hero but a rather large assist I would say is in order to the nameless giant that jumped from the rafter and laid carnage to the opposition. A clever tactic; I do not think the Tippet thought that was plan drawn up on the last timeout. Truly a striking game.
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April 12, 2007 1:17 PM ET | Delete
Stars all the way...I hate the Avs...BUT...you are one helluva story teller!!! Keep it up bro!
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