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Knew they had it in 'em

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Despite the media and all the nay sayers Vancouver pulled even with the Ducks and made the series look a lot more even than what it appeared after game 1.

Game 1 was tough to watch. My first thoughts were "These aren't the Canucks!". Somebody dressed the LA Kings instead. I'm glad they got that all straightened up. And now having the series return to Vancouver to win the next two at home, I like our chances. The Canucks are able to elevate their game to any level. The Ducks had a good record against us during the season but I wonder how it would have been if the games would have been back to back games like what we do inside our own division. Luongo seems to relish the opportunity of learning the opponent's tendencies in a playoff series. He looked a lot sharper out there and so did the rest of the team. I hope we start to hear some apologies but it still might be early as of yet.

I find it weird that most Dallas Stars fans refuse to cheer for the Canucks. When the Canucks lose I usually always cheer for the team that beat us because it shows that we were the runner up to the top team. Otherwise your team was beaten by a chump team. I wouldn't expect Dallas Star fans to grasp this principle, but boy do they ever seem bitter that we beat them! You guys never had a lead in the series! Give me a break, we had a lapse and surrendered our series lead for a moment but gained control again by finishing them off. With Anaheim I hope from here on in we won't have any more lapses. We had our lapse at the beginning so now we'll hopefully be focussed the rest of the way.

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April 28, 2007 3:06 PM ET | Delete
Um dude... I wouldn't expect Stars fans to cheer for the Canucks... why would you? If the Canucks go out, I'm cheering for Ottawa (Canadian franchise) and my other favourite teams... I wouldn't cheer for the team that knocked mine out, unless for some reason, I liked them (pre-playoffs)
April 28, 2007 4:04 PM ET | Delete
Who are the Dallas Stars?
April 29, 2007 1:55 AM ET | Delete
Well, when Calgary beat us in 2003 I cheered for them. I guess I just don't take it personally. I just figure if the team that beats mine goes far then losing to a powerhouse team that others had a hard time with doesn't hurt as much. And yes exactly, who are the Dallas Stars? Do they play hockey?
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