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As hockey fans of your favorite team, we all suggest trading the bad contracts away (Paul Martin, any takers) for players that have expiring contracts or even better yet, entry level contracts. The days of this happening are going to be as rare as a Gomez or Parros goal. GM's will not sacrifice their teams future because fans are too knowledgeable and gate revenue is way more valuable.

Thus the NHL must learn to do as the NBA does, trade bad contract for bad contract. Yes it has been happening some in the past, however this year I believe it will be the majority of the trades. I have no inside knowledge, just an observation on my part. Teams will have to be willing to accept bad contracts in order to pick up assets in todays NHL.

I believe the Pens are actively shopping Paul Martin to clubs desperate for a puck moving defenseman in order to shed some salary and make room for Simon Depres. However, I think Ray Shero is trying to do it and not take back a large salary in return. The market for a puck moving defensive man is huge, however GM's are reluctant to take on the remaining 3 years at 5 mil a season. As a loyal Pens fan, I trust Shero and know in the end he will make a sound decision, I just think he will have to absord a contract back to net any kind of return to help the Pens make a run at Lord Stanley.
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