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Read This Mr. Burke!!!

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Ok, this time of year brings out all the g.m's, even the ones that don't get paid, so...... here's a few moves I think would benefit the leafs that I haven't heard talked about by anyone. I would like to see the leafs try and pick up Steve Ott of the Dallas Stars. This is the type of player who you hate to play against but love on your team. I remember how much I couldn't stand Darcy Tucker when he played for Tampa. I would love it when him and "Stumpy" Steve Thomas would duke it out when the Leafs and Tampa played. But when tucker became a Leaf I realized that the leafs got a player who brought it night in and night out. He was a pest that could ignite the crowd with a hit or fight and piss every opponent off constantly. Steve Ott would help against a team like Boston or the Rangers in the playoffs and would be a great fit on a line with Armstrong. He would also be the next fan favorite for leaf fans and might not cost all that much to get.

Another player I believe would help the leafs is Shane Doan. The leafs lack a real proven veteran presence and Doan would be just that. He would help a guy like Phaneuf and be a great guy to have in the playoffs. If Phoenix falls out of the playoff race Brian Burke should make a pitch for this guy. I would also like to have Ray Whitney if he wasn't so close to the end of his career. This guy has flown under the radar and done nothing but produce. If I could talk to Brian Burke for ten minutes I am sure that he would realize that my ideas for the leafs are nothing short of genius and he would hire me right on the spot as assistant g.m. But that wont happen so I'll just continue to grace the Hockey Buzz website with my insightful and incredible blogs.

P.S Most Toronto sports writers are knobs! and this is my first of more blogs to come for this great site so tune in you hockey nuts
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