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I've often been asking myself whether a hockey fan can be loyal to their team without renewing their season tickets. Half of me says to renew, while my better half says "no". Although I must give respect to the Coyotes for coming out and saying that we're in a rebuilding time, I just don't agree with it. As a business owner, I know that if I don't put out a product that my clients' want/need, I won't continue to earn their business. I know that signing the UFA's that were nearly retired or injury prone last year was a failure. The Coyotes have admitted it as well. However, to not spend money on at least trying to put together a winning team under the guise that they're going to cultivate from within the organization is utter nonsense. Every team has their youth, but few teams spend the money on trying to build a winner. Looking around and seeing everyone around us get even stronger, there's no doubt that we'll be in the cellar of the division once again. We've made no successful strides to get a decent goalie. We don't have a scoring threat.

To me, buying season tickets is just like any other product. By giving my hard earned money for a lackluster product to me is like agreeing with the organization's choice to be thrifty. If they're okay not spending money, why shouldn't I? Does it make me any less of a fan? Looks like I'm not alone, look at the avatars on this message boards... http://www.azcentral.com/...2coyotes-ON.html#comments
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No that is totally respectable. Be a season ticket holder to your couch and tv
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