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Really Michel Therrien? Brian Gionta. Brian (frank)ing Gionta. One of the coldest players in our line up right now and you put the game on his stick. So how did that work out for you? Oh, he didn’t even get a shot off? Quick, can anyone think of a couple players you would rather see out there in the fourth round of a shoot out before Gionta? I can bang out a few off the top of my head: Eller, Patches, Donald Audette, hell I’d throw out Subban every once in a while (the guys got hands).

But Brian Gionta gets the nod, based solely on the “C” on his jersey. Was this supposed to be some kind of redemption for Gio? I can see it now; the captain of the hometown team who has had his ups and downs goes out with the game on his stick blah blah blah, his dad has cancer and his dying wish to see him score a goal blah blah blah… But this isn’t a movie, there’s no hallmark moment and the Senators inch closer to the Northeast Division lead. And as my favourite movie character would say “..and that’s all I have to say about that”. (Now go back and read that in a Forrest Gump voice, pretty good right?)

Anyways, ranting aside I thought the Habs played a solid 60+ minutes. Les Habitants absolutely poured it on in the second period only to have their offense thwarted by a hot goalie in Ben Bishop. You have to give Bishop credit where it is due, he played an outstanding game. As a long time admirer of the goaltending position, it’s actually entertaining to watch a good goalie play at the top of his game, even if it is against your team. Speaking of goaltending, what was with Price’s glove hand tonight? Besides the great glove save he had on Alfredsson in the shootout, his timing seemed off. But in my opinion, every good goalie is allowed to have those nights, it’s the nights where the effort is lacking that are frustrating. You could tell Price was not happy about the Sens goal and that to me says that his heart was in it, just maybe not his head.

A few notes from the game:

You may see a bit of a trend in my posts, but I’m a firm believer that winning faceoffs = puck possession = control of the game. In other words, they are very important and a key to success, (check out Patrice Bergeron’s faceoff percentage in the postseason 2011). I have to retract a statement I made regarding the name Ryan White and the term “faceoff specialist” in a previous post. He was 30% on the night, good for last place among Centres on the ice. I guess when a guy says he’s not going to change his game, I should probably pay attention. Notable again was Desharnais at 60%, dare I say faceoff specialist??? I just want a guy who can consistently win faceoffs, is that too much to ask?

Gallagher looked great again tonight. I don’t know about anyone else, but I could go the whole season with the Cole-Davey-Patches line broken up if it means that Gallagher takes Cole’s spot. Not only is that line working out really well, but the Cole-Chucky-Eller line has been playing great as well. It’s nice to finally have some young prospects to be excited about again. I haven’t felt this way since Jan Bulis scored four goals!

A surprise this year has to be the play of Raphael Diaz. There is something about Swiss players, a maturity that being sent off to do military training annually can only give you. He quietly goes about his game making smart plays in his own end and contributing offensively. And before you know it, he’s 7th in the league among defenceman in scoring (one assist tonight). He has moved his way from a bottom four defenceman to a starting position in 19 games and he deserves to be there. Do I smell a Norris winner? No, I’m just (frank)ing with you.

Holy poop-cago! The Hawks are on fire. It hasn’t been this hot in Chicago since The Great Chicago Fire in 1871. (Wikipedia told me so). Poor Edmonton, losing another game by one goal. It would seem this will be the trend for the year and we will not see the young kids emerge from the West. I guess the Oilers organization will have to ask for a little more patience from their fans. Maybe if they finish at the bottom again they will draft Drouin, because that’s exactly what they need, more skill up front.

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