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now the reason why i am writing this is beacause what this buffalo sabres team is reminding me more and more of. The PAST!, yes i said it the past. this sabres team is looking like the team it was pretty much a decade ago.

The sabres were a decent team prior to the new millenium but after that they stunk.
they missed the playoffs from 2001-2004. now the sabres werent able to prove themselves in 04-05 beacause of the lockout but after that they tore up the nhl by heading to the final four 2 years in a row.

It looks like Regier is doing what he knows and simply retracing his steps. after the prospects that he acquired during the 01-04 slump were now prepared to face the nhl at full force. you had Jason pomminville, Thomas Vanek, Drew stafford Paul Gaustad, dereck Roy, daniel paille and clark Mcarthur.

now the old Era is out and the new one in. the sabres have recently let go goose, roy and pommer. now miller is pretty much on his way out and possibly vanek too.
the new guys in the system that will lead this team to where it was 8 years ago will be the young guns armia, grigorenko, larsson, girgensons, pysyk, myers, hogdson, ristolainen, zadarov, and others who havent fully developed.

Now the best question is, will these players repeat the failures of the past or will they go on to become champions.
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