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first off. Our captaincy. i think it is really down to two players. Ott and Vanek. they are both one of the oldest on the team. thye have experience and are both leaders. Now it all boils down to if Vanek is staying or not. if he leaves so be it, Ott gets the C, if not then its going to be a tough choice.

I personally think Regier feels he has screwed up with the huge signing of leino. i know he hasnt had much of a chance to prove himself. he had a terrible first season with buffalo and the second he was injured. i understand he was off his game in the first season, he was playing center while he is more comfortable being on the wing. he played the wing during his 8 games in 2013. he tallied 6 points. not too shabby. if that translates over to this season he will have earned his contract. if not hes being shopped or bought out.

The other righty that is being called upon is stafford. he seems to be slipping and is being questioned whether or not his skill has actually improved.

In the end leino or stafford are being moved by the end of the season.

now our defense is stock piled. now its a wide open game as to who will be moved. basically the sabres will aim to keep the younger players. (they might still have potential in the future). if the vets are caught on the outside looking in they will be shopped. this applys to Mcbain, Sulzer, Mcnabb.

now the goaltending is pretty easy. miller will be gone, enroth takes the net with hackett as the back up done and done.

by the end of the year the sabres will be playing with lines and too see where players are at. i feel by the end of the year the sabres will have a decent team to be looking forward too for next year.

Vanek(if he stays)/Larsson hodgson Armia
Foligno Ennis Stafford/Leino(the better player will stay)
Ott/Larsson Grigorenko Flynn/Ott
Scott/Porter Girgensons Kaleta/flynn

D pairings


*Mcnabb, Mcbain, sulzer, extras/traded



*leuwien, Makorov call up if one gets injured
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