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Sabre Center Dilemma

Posted 5:55 PM ET | Comments 0
The Word is out, Buffalo is on the verge of signing predicted #1 center Cody Hodgson to a 2 year bridge worth 3-3.5 per. after the sabres sign him they will have 7 and change left over. Apparently Regier has great interest in the leafs unsigned star Kadri. Regier knows the leafs are in a tough situation and could really screw over a divisional rival. Regier seems to be looking if Kadri would accept a 2 year 8m contract knowing the leafs cant match it. Franson wants a 3mill+ contract.

this is a bit of a gamble. if he pans out and steals Hodgsons first line spot then in 2 years time he gets a huge contract. if not then he will have to resign to the same amount. Now the sabres current centerman consists of Hodgson, Ennis, Grigorenko. If they acquire Kadri, most likely Ennis will have to accept playing on the wing.
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