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"Too Young To Remember"
Calgary, AB • Canada • 25 Years Old • Male
I'd like to start by stating that this blog is not an outlash towards the media, especially the members of this site who are part of the media, but rather a commentary on how everyone can focus on the wrong issues.

In the lifeless lull of the hockey world during the month of September, everyone finds themselves bored, but excited for the upcoming season. Most of the exciting free agent signings have come and gone, and there is really nothing left to fill the void between the Stanley Cup final and a team's season opener besides speculating about the upcoming season. One thing that is true for myself, and probably every Flames fan; if I ever see another article about the Flames' road record, it will be too soon. It's a well known fact already that the Flames would sizzle at home but fizzle outside of the 'Dome. That was last season, which ended in an early playoff exit at the hands of the geriatric yet wily Detroit Red Wings. The whole hockey world is aware that the Flames need to improve their road record while continuing their stellar play on home ice, so why must this issue be repeatedly beaten to death? Are we all that hard up for a story these days?
Has anyone seen TSN or Sportsnet do a preview of the Flames' upcoming season? If they have, I definitely missed the boat. The only time I see an article about the Flames, the headline is along the lines of "Flames look good…..But Must Improve on the Road" Excuse my use of childish slang, but duh!

Why the Flames lack chemistry on the road, I can't figure out, and I sincerely doubt anyone else can either. In my opinion, the biggest problem is that organ that lies between every player's ears, is being used far too much. Also, that organ in each player's chest was highly under utilized. If you were to peak at each player's point production, you would see that they all had significantly lower point productions on the road then at home. But it all comes down to talk. It may sound farfetched to some, but I believe that the Flames' problems on the road came down to a mental issue. They couldn't shake the talk of the public. Well, my point, bluntly, is that talk is cheap. Anyone can sit on the sidelines and comment. Nobody knows what the Flames, or any team for that matter, will do this season. Just as you can’t count your chickens before they hatch, you certainly cannot count your points until they are scored.
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September 7, 2007 4:02 PM ET | Delete
good job teddy I agree with you the flames have to win on the road, I like to call this time of the dog days of hockey.Flamestr
September 7, 2007 6:49 PM ET | Delete
Good point. All the fun-to-read predictions, guesses, prognostications, etc. are essentially just opinions and (desperate?) hope expressed by individuals armed with a lot of valid hockey knowledge, facts, and experience. While the more astute (and lucky) may get close to the mark, the reality is that none of us really knows what will happen (unless you can time-travel). So my advice is to enjoy the great game for what it is and deal with events as they happen.
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