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"Too Young To Remember"
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Runaway Jury

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The announcement had hardly finished leaving Darryl Sutter's lips, and the jury was already out on newly appointed Calgary Flames head coach "Iron" Mike Keenan, and to no real surprise. Keenan is the poster boy for a roller coaster career, with few other bench bosses experiencing the ups and downs quite like he did. This Flames fan, however, held his tongue. Any reasonable judgement can't even be made until around 15 games into the season, let alone the summer. And, when the Flames got off to their traditional awful October start, the Keenan insults were firing like a trigger happy cowboy's gun. But, again, these lips stayed together for awhile longer.

And now, Keenan's above .500 for October Flames seem to be in great shape and really forming into a serious team. It seemed a fair amount of Keenan criticism came to a violent screeching halt when his team, after being down 3-0 going into the second stanza to a red hot Minnesota Wild team, came flying back to score five unanswered tallies to tame the wild with a 5-3 score and deliver the Wild their first of (unfortunately for the oft-injured Wild) many to come after such a hot start. Even more so, the stone cold hands of Alex Tanguay managed to bury the puck in some twine not once, but twice for his first two of the season, leading many to believe perhaps it was Kovalev?

Since then, there seem to be crickets where there used to be endless talks of how Keenan will, and even is running this team to the ground, eluding to some of his previous stops, mainly Florida and Vancouver. I really do think that Keenan, if he stays in line, really can ignite the Flames and lead them through a successful season, and hopefully a lengthy post-season with a very joyous stop at the end. I say let the past be past, and let the future decide how well the Calgary Flames era of Keenan's coaching career was.
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