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"Too Young To Remember"
Calgary, AB • Canada • 25 Years Old • Male
This season, Calgary fans have seen two teams. The Flames at home and the Lames on the road. For some reason Calgary sometimes comes out flat in a game, and considering the look of their roster, it is unacceptable. The Flames are completely capable of pulling off an upset against The Detroit Red Wings, barring an appearance by the much dreaded Lames. Their last 4 performances to close the season have been less than par, and I am severely hoping that they can come into the playoffs with a clean slate, and without the shadows of the Lames lurking behind. So, what are your thoughts? Who shows up, the Flames or the Lames?
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April 11, 2007 1:21 AM ET | Delete
The Flames. I'm actually pulling for you guys, which is ironic because I don't want the No. 8 winning in the East (obviously). I'd love to see the Wings get knocked out again in the first round. Hasek pretty much betrayed Buffalo and for that I guess I'll always be a little bitter.. no worries though, we have Miller now.
April 11, 2007 3:02 AM ET | Delete
I think the Flames will win if Kipper plays his best. Otherwise I don't think they'll be able to stop the Red Wings who need to improve on last years playoffs, especially because they don't have a goalie to blame it on.
April 11, 2007 1:44 PM ET | Delete
I think the Flames show up, and I think the Wings think that too.
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