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March 6th

Kings 6, St. Louis Blues 4

Wow! What a game!

Watching this one late into the night was even better than popping by DVD copy of "Slapshot" in the player...

To be honest, I was not at all surprised that the Kings made this sort of comeback. To me, it was the defending champions toying with the Blues all night. They may have just skated by the Blues bench all night saying, "Anything you can do, we can do better!"

In the first period, the Blues wanted to drop the gloves, so the Kings dropped the gloves.

In the second period, the Blues scored a couple goals on the very few chances they got.

But in the third period, the Kings decided, "Okay, that's enough, you've had your fun."

In the end, I think that makes a pretty darn good script? Award-winning worthy script wouldn't you say, Mr. George Lucas? Perhaps the Kings can sell their copy of last night's game log to the Walt Disney Company for a couple million to help sponsor Dustin Penner's next Pancake Breakfast?

Seriously, though, the Kings' five-goal outburst was probably even more exciting than witnessing the thrilling 6-1 win over the New Jersey Devils in game six of the Stanley Cup Finals on that warm, June, summer night.

Just when I thought coach Darryl Sutter had the goaltending situation under control, he made another mess of it as he decided to give his backup Jonathan Bernier starts on back-to-back nights. First of all, I don't even like the idea of starting your #1 goalie on back-to-back nights, let alone your backup.

At first, its seemed as if Sutter's decision would hurt the teams' chances of earning any such point from Tuesday's game, but like the team did, he wisely woke up and decided enough was enough!

Bernier had been playing well, but two of the three goals he allowed were tipped in between his pads where his goal stick should have been covering up the five-hole. I should know, because in high school or college, if I had a rough night, that was the first thing my coach would say to me either between periods or after the game..."Keep your stick down in front on the ice, kid!"...

St. Louis quickly scored on Jonathan Quick when he came in, but after that it was good morning, good afternoon and goodnight as the Kings swarmed the Blues net and took advantage of some soft, sleepy goaltending from Jaroslav Halak at the other end.

As I mentioned before this important home stand began on Monday, it was time for the Kings to separate the men from the boys. And despite the four goals allowed last night and sloppy defensive-end coverage that led to that mess, most King fans should be more than satisfied in a team that refuses to give up and are eager to get back to the glory it experienced this past summer.

LA will welcome division rival Dallas on Thursday evening at Staples. I would expect this game to be a bit more tighter at both ends, with scoring chances at a premium. Also, look for Quick to get back in the swing of things between the pipes.

Perhaps Mr. $7 million a year man, Drew Doughty will finally be able to light the lamp tomorrow?

It is also great to have Alec Martinez back on the blue line. With Jake Muzzin stepping up his game at both ends of the ice, the Kings' defensive core finally looks to be solid enough for another playoff run even without the likes of Matt Greene and Willie Mitchell.

...Defending Staples continues!
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