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My Vegas Golden Knights

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It is not every season, or summer off season we get a chance to do this, so here goes. This is my fun "mock" Vegas Golden Knights draft for the hell of it. Included are the players' team, age, cap hit and contract status. I have a lot of RFA's I would take if I were George McPhee and company, but I like the idea of using this season as a real life tryout and then choose who is most valuable going forward.

B. NELSON (25)* (Lots of Isles forwards, but much needed centerpiece)
NYI C 2.5 M RFA 2018-19

C. EAKIN (26)* (Best option from DAL, looks like they agree with me too)
DAL C 3.85 M UFA 2020-21

C. SISSONS (23)* (Monster playoffs, they'd be foolish not to take him)
NSH C 625 K UFA 2019-20

M. GRIGORENKO (23)* (Take a chance, best option from CLR)

W. KARLSSON (24)* (Best option from CLS, plus known deal in place)
CLS C 1 M RFA 2018-19

J. WEAL (25) (Steal from Philly, but depth player for me right now)

V. SHIPACHYOV (30)* (Already first big signing for VGK)
VGK C 4.5 M UFA 2019-20

D. BROWN (32)* (Crazy eh, Kings fan here too, but a leader, Captain of Knights)
LAK LW 5.875 M UFA 2022-23

B. RYAN (30)* (High risk, but big name player for a brand new club)
OTW RW 7.25 M UFA 2022-23

R. SMITH (26)* (Big contract, but can build a culture)
FLA RW 5 M UFA 2022-23

J. NORDSTROM (25)* (Best option from CAR)
CAR LW 1.275 M RFA 2018-19

B. RUST (25)* (Younger than Hagelin, more upside, don't need MAF!)
PIT LW 640 K RFA 2018-19

N. YAKUPOV (23)* (God why not take a chance!? Low risk big reward!)

R. SHEAHAN (25)* (Best option from DET)
DET RW 2.075 M RFA 2018-19

D. SMITH-PELLY (25) (NJ has nothing to offer, a throwaway pick)
NJD RW 1.3 M UFA 2018-19

A. CHIASSON (26) (Either him or Shinkaruk, Engelland makes no sense!)

W. CARRIER (22) (Only decent young forward from BUF)
BUF LW 684 K RFA 2018-19

B. GAUNCE (23) (Only decent VAN option)

K. RYCHEL (22) (Better of three between Leipsic and Griffith)
TOR LW 863 K RFA 2018-19

J. MANSON (25)* (Prize of the defense available besides Dumba)
ANH D 825 K RFA 2018-19

A. SUSTR (26)* (Solid D from Tampa, easy pick here or Gudlevskis)

B. DILLON (26)* (Most sense from SJS, great value for cap hit)
SJS D 3.27 M UFA 2020-21

M. DUMBA (22)* (No brainer, but sounds like VGK and MIN worked out a deal)
MIN D 2.55 M RFA 2018-19

A. MCQUIAD (30)* (Veteran leadership, Cup winner, brings some flavor)
BOS D 2.75 M UFA 2019-20

T. VAN RIEMSDYK (25)* (Best choice out of CHI, solid future 3-4 pairing)
CHI D 825 K RFA 2018-19

B. CHIAROT (26) (Enstrom declining, too much $)

N. NESTEROV (24)* (Best choice for me out of MTL, defense depth)

G. REINHART (23) (Best choice out of EDM, looks like VGK agree)

A. RAANTA (28)* (Cheaper than MAF, gives a good year of stability, trade piece)
NYR G 1 M UFA 2018-19

P. GRUBAUER (25)* (Best young goalie available, tough over Schmidt though)

L. DOMINGUE (25) (Best choice out of ARZ, solid young net minder #3, backup)

CAP HIT > 22 ON CAP HIT > $45.81 M
* Players who will automatically hit the cap and will dress opening night!

Plenty of cap space to deal with pending RFAs and other likely deals in place to spend on those newly acquired pieces, plus some to use in free agency to make a big first splash.
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