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Pens Must Win Tonight

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I don't like to throw around the phrase "Must Win Game" very often, but I will make an exception for tonight's Game 4 against Ottawa. The Pens have been outplayed in every facet of the game and must right the ship before digging themselves a two game whole. The team must move their feet more to generate more puck possession in the offensive zone and to generate possible scoring opportunities, or at least to draw penalties, something the Sens have done all series long. Ryan Whitney must get back on track for this game because when he plays well, it seems to have a calming effect on Brooks Orpik, allowing him to play more physical without fear of giving up a major odd-man break. If the Pens can get back to basics and move the puck better in the neutral zone and on powerplays, they have a chance to get back into this series and possibly push it all the way to seven games, if not win the series.

P.S. Coach Therrien, put in Nils Ekman. He is faster than Petro and Laraque and has more offensive skill than the two of them put together. I understand the series has been chippy, but too bad, you need offense NOW. I would also like to see Nassradeine inserted back into the lineup in place of Joe Melichar or Rob Scuderi, because they are more of a liability than anything else and the Sens have exploited them all series by stretching them out on long passes.
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