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Playoff Hockey? Really?

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For those in the hockey world currently in their offices watching the playoffs. Which is, currently being seen on a international stage, they must be a little cautious with the use of the phrase "This is just playoff hockey". To be clear I am not the type of fan who believes that checking should be banned or that the players cannot defend themselves. You could define me as somewhat of a Don Cherry supporter when it comes to the way the game should be played. yet this so called playoff hockey has simply become everything the NHL does not stand for. It is simply a complete lack of respect for the fellow player. This all started night one of the playoffs with the cheap shot that Shea Weber gave to Henrik Zetterberg. That face wash into the turn buckle was the tiny ripple that began this massive wave of disrespect and deliberate intent to injure. I am all for the rivalry of a playoff series and the creation of hate between two groups of players, but this brand of hockey is as much entertaining as it dangerous, and that is the problem. This style of hockey is all fun and games for the fans until their star is dismantled by a goon who's played 2 minutes all series. Ask Rangers' fans how they would feel if Richards had his face put into the turn buckle. Or ask Kings fans how they would feel if Quick was elbowed the way Mike Smith was. The feeling from the fans and the league seems to be that as long as it is not a star player that it is all fair game. Yet, it is the stars who will feel the brunt of all this animosity, simply because the guys that you don't mind seeing getting hurt, tend to not affect the game, the stars however do. And nothing frustrates an angry hockey player more than the guy who always scores the goal to beat you. See Daniel Alfredsson, Eric Lindros, Paul Kariya, Michael Peca.
This playoff's atmosphere has heated up rather quickly, which can make for a great brand of hockey but can also lead to an injury that can change the face of these playoffs and leave a somber note on a well fought season and playoffs. What I believe is a fine example of these playoffs attitude is the attitude of Sidney Crosby. The face of hockey round the world and the biggest representative for the NHL. He no longer has the ability to put on the "good ol'canadian boy" routine for a post game presser, he simply stated "I don't like any guy on that team, i did it cause i don't like him" when asked why he pushed aside Jakub Voracek's glove. Even Sid the Kid is falling into the animosity of these playoffs. To be honest I have not enjoyed the way he's been playing the game as of late, I feel as if he is all talk and no action. I'm sorry but if your gonna continue chirping Scott Hartnell, you should man up and fight Hartnell, when you where the one who instigated him. But I digress, these playoffs have created an atmosphere that is exciting to the average Joe who does not follow the NHL and is more like a circus or a montage of slap shot than a playoff atmosphere. But to the purist I believe this type of hockey is leaving die hard fans of the NHL a little worried about the lack of discipline and control in the game. If I were the NHL i'd be very cautious in acknowledging this type of hockey as the NHL's brand of Playoff hockey. Because it is becoming a little to uncontrolled for my liking and I would hope the NHL's also.

This is the OH REALLY section of my blogs where I give you guys my OH REALLY thought of the day. The first ever OH REALLY moment has to be (drum roll please).....the lack of consistency shown by Mr. Shannahan. The Sheriff stated that no matter who you were and no matter the context to which any offence occurred, he would treat it fairly and justly. Ok then, why is Shea Weber getting a $2500 fine for smashing one of your leagues star's face into the turnbuckle. If your not gonna suspend him, give him a fine that will hurt, $2500 dollars to a man who makes 7.5 million a year is like fining me 5 bucks. Then just to rub salt in the wound all the non high profile players were given suspensions for their deliberate intents to injure. You were going to change the disciplinary system in the NHL Sheriff Shanny? OH REALLY !!! all you've done is continued the gentlemen's club environment, where the high profiles get to do what they want and the little guys have to pay for everything and follow all the clubs rules, that doesn't seem fair to me at all.

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