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Jonathan Bernier has been nothing short of spectacular for the Maple Leafs this season. Yet, it would seem every couple of games, a goal is scored that would only happen in E division men's league. Are these house league horn sounders a tell-tale sign of things to come or just bad luck.

Bernier is one of the most fundamentally sound goaltender in the NHL. For a small goaltender, he understands how to cover the net and make himself big. His rebound control is elite and his movement post to post is up there with many of the best in the league. He is very athletic and can make the highlight reel save on any given night. But, for some strange reason some of his highlights end up on the misplays of the night. Interestingly enough, almost every single one of these Toskala-esq goals seem to come when he is in good position.

Is Bernier having mental lapses and does he underestimate some shots. Yes he does, since he himself said that he feels sometimes he does stray mentally. Every goalie has more than a few they would love to have back, clearly Bernier does also. But do not panic Leaf Nation, Bernier will be fine.

Let's conduct a little exercise, I will name a goalie and think of their worst moments.

(Just For Fun) Bryzgalov.... (I Had To)....
You get the point.

All these goalies have had their fair shares of melt downs, blow ups in key situations, regressions, and bad goals. Most importantly apart from Professor Bryzgalov, all those goalies have accomplished some level of greatness and elite status. Bernier currently has never shown signs of meltdowns in the NHL (I understand he wasn't the calmest individual in junior), He has yet to blow up in a key situation since even his horrible goals have not cost the Leafs a game, and most importantly he has not regressed yet as a Maple Leaf.

Bernier may have a couple of bad goals on his resume, however, what goalie doesn't? He has been fantastic for the Maple Leafs and has the ability to become an elite goaltender in the NHL. Remember Leaf Nation, even Cujo, Belfour and Potvin let in a stinker. Bernier has exceeded all of Toronto's expectations and this writer believes he will reach his potential as an elite goaltender in the NHL, stinkers and all.

Oh Really !!!

So the three best Canadian goalies this season are Harding, Bernier and Reimer. Yet, not one of them will be given consideration to be at the very least the third goalie, which is just plain stupid. I am all for giving Luongo the ship till he falters. I understand Price is arguably the most talented and star-studded Canadian goalie. But Mike Smith (OH REALLY !!!), Mike Smith is a candidate over Harding, Bernier and Reimer? That idea is completely frustrating, since he is not playing as well and will most likely be a non factor in the Olympics. Why not reward one of the three best goaltenders this season with a chance to dress for their country. Since we all know they wont even touch the ice. So much for goal tending becoming the Achilles heal of Team Canada.
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November 23, 2013 9:06 PM ET | Delete
Honestly lets look at the two best goaltenders in recent history.. Patrick Roy and Marty Brodeur! BOTH have had those moments there! Bernier is young still and makes the odd mistake, but count up just how many goals have been saved by the guy!Much ado about nothing there.As for the olympics, meh ya know what let our guys get the rest and focus on what matters, the team games. Olympics are overrated allstar games as is and really I would rather they rest, and have plenty in the tank to carry the Leafs into and then deep in the playoffs!
November 27, 2013 9:55 AM ET | Delete
You hit the nail on the head. Just me being selfish, but a healthy, rested goalie is far preferable to some Olympic experience riding the pine. Maybe next time if one has a shot at starting for Team Canada?
November 27, 2013 5:43 PM ET | Delete
best way for them to get a starting position in 2018 (if there is nhl participation) is if they ride the pine on this team. Guys are getting on the team for reputation alone now...and thats frustrating
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