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NHL Entry Draft 2012

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Keep in mind that this article reflects my opinions and does not use any Draft Day rumours on any other persons blogs or news articles.

To start off the draft, the Edmonton Oilers faithful have been awarded with watching thier Team "Kick off" the Draft Day by selecting first overall for the third year in a row. A Pick widely considered to be used on Draft Day front Runner Nail Yakupov of the Sarnia Sting, a Russian born Left Winger. However, the Edmonton Oilers are in no need of anymore Offensive Talent up front, at least not in as much need as they are on Defence. So once again the Oilers must answer "What will they do with that first overall pick?" as they twice had to do in both the 2010 (Taylor or Tyler?) and 2011 (Nugent-Hopkins, Landeskog or Larsson) Drafts. Could the Oilers REALLY be contemplating ridding themselves of the pick/trading down to pick up another draft pick or two?

Ever since the Edmonton Oilers have relieved themselves of the Lowe Era and started themselves on the right path with Tambellini at the helm, there have been massive strides taken in progress and development. Finally, the Oilers fans who have waited years for Lowe to deliver on alot of empty promises are being rewarded with a General Manager who has taken everything in stride and has not been trying to rush the Process. Edmonton is now in a position to push for a playoff appearance, and thanks to what I consider "non rushed/day by day" general managing by Steve Tambellini a City of Champions that Players are starting to want to play for once again.

The Edmonton Oilers Should Select Nail Yakupov with the first pick, and the reason why is due to teams underestimating Edmontons commitment and want of a Player like Yakupov. If teams are now becoming aware that Edmonton will make room for Nail and would be happy to have him as a part of the team (A Mutual Feeling), then the Oilers may start a Bidding war for the first overall pick that could end in thier favour. In my recent search of rumors, I found one Blogger who wrote that "It would not take alot to 'Pry' the Pick from Edmontons 'Proverbial' hands." The Toronto Maple Leafs Faithful blogger went on to say that the Maple Leafs would not find themselves in a Position to trade a player like Jake Gardiner or thier pick to get a deal done. However, the Oilers (not being led by Lowe anymore) would not only expect thier first round pick (5th Overall), but would also require a player like Gardiner or Kadri (not both) coming the other way. It is a very high price to pay, but one that Steve Tambellini will be expecting to get the deal done.

There are alot of good Defencemen that the Oilers have at thier finger tips once again at the Beginning of the entry Draft, but with so many questions surrounding them like Injuries, potential and the length of time it takes to develop defencemen, I don't really see the need to take the Chance on something that isn't a sure thing. Why do you ask that I don't see the need? It's quite simple, I have more then one answer for that however, answers that I can not put into words, but into names. The Oilers have 4 Defencemen that I feel will not only make the NHL, but could start making the jump as early as next year. First is Swedish Defencemen Oscar Klefbom, a two-way defensive minded defenceman with alot of upside and great hockey Sense. With the Potential to be a top line defencemen, he could make the jump as early as next year. Second is Martin Gernat, the Blue Chip Edmonton OilKings Defencemen was in my opinion the best Defencemen they had, and with players like Pysyk (buffalo) and Reinhart (Draft Elig. 2012) that's a pretty bold statement to make on my part. Along with Martin Marincin, David Musil, Brandon Davidson (if signed before June 1st) and a few other developing blue liners in the AHL (a team that did quiet well). I don't see the need (as mush as some) to gamble on what is widely considered a not so sure thing.

If available in the second round, the Oilers should, and I mean SHOULD draft Russian Prospect and World Junior standout Andrei Vaselevski (G). I am not 100% satisfied with how Dubnyk is preforming at this point in his career, and am not entirely sure if he is the Goalie that Edmonton hoped that he would be. Besides Tyler Bunz, Edmonton really doesn't have good stability in this position and with Vaselevski, they get a solid Goaltender who could be ready to see NHL action in the next few years. In the fourth and fifth rounds, if still available, the Oilers should draft another goalie Prospect in Richard Ullberg. A goalie who has alot of upside, with sound positioning and solid lateral movement. Reports indicate that Andrei Vaselevski will be drafted after Malcomn Subban (I don't know why at all, considering I think Subban is Terrible) thus will go somewhere between the 17th and 40th Draft Position, a Gamble considering Edmonton holds 32.

These following few deals are just rumours that I have heard, and thought were the most interesting of each of the first five teams.

Columbus Blue Jackets
Trade- First Round selection 2012 (2nd overall) Second Round Selection (31st overall)
to the Edmonton Oilers in Exchange for:
First Round Selection 2012 (1st overall) Fourth Round Selection (92nd Overall)

Montreal Canadiens
Trade - First Round Selection 2012 (3rd Overall), Jarred Tinordi (D).
to the Edmonton Oilers in Exchange for:
First Round Selection 2012 (1st Overall)

New York Islanders
Trade - First Round Selection 2012 (4th Overall), Ryan Strome (C), Calvin DeHaan (D).
to the Edmonton Oilers in Exchange for:
First Round Selection 2012 (1st Overall), Linus Omark (LW).
(If the Islanders instead option to trade Travis Hamonic instead of either Strome or DeHaan, then Edmonton would most likely be willing to trade Magus Pajarrvi-Svennson as well).

Toronto Maple Leafs
Trade - First Round Selection 2012 (5th Overall), Jake Gardiner (D) or Nazem Kadri (C) AND Brad Ross (LW)
to the Edmonton Oilers in Exchange for:
First Round Selection 2012 (1st Overall)
(Edmonton takes a huge Gamble with this one in exchanging picks as they drop 4 slots, will require a key group of prospects or a solid defencemen to sway the deal in Edmontons favour)

However, my Favorite Trade rumor I've heard, that even I would jump at if given the chance is
Ottawa Senators
Trade - First Round Selection 2012 (15th Overall), Robin Lehner (G), and Jared Cowen (D)
to the Edmonton Oilers in Exchange for:
First Round Selection 2012 (1st Overall) and Magnus Pajarrvi-Svenson (LW)
(both teams benifit from this deal with exactly what they need.)
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