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The Temperature Rises

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Fans now are starting to see the light. Neither side is really all that concerned about the fans (which we all knew at heart). Up until recently, at least the players had some sympathy, but that is support is eroding quickly.

At this point I have passed the point of frustration into the realm of downright angry! At the very least can you sit in a room and talk or make an attempt to negotiate a deal. I get that not negotiating is a tactic, but it could be used for a day or two, maybe a week, not endlessly.

I have reached the point where I want them to salvage the season in its entirety or scrap the whole thing. For me, hockey is a release, a time to relax and take my mind off the daily grind. I look forward to it all summer and get giddy with anticipation for the season to start. During the season I can look forward to a break in the action of my daily life for a few hours three of four times a week and now I have nothing.

So what to do? I can't abandon hockey, I know that I will come back whenever it does, but I also can't hang around waiting, especially with the sense that this is going to drag out through the whole season.

Side note. I actually feel that the NHL is more interested in negotiating than the players. In my opinion Donald Fehr will hold out much longer than the NHL.

Anyway, now I am looking for other things to fill my time. The reality is that I will find something and likely continue my new pass time even after hockey starts again. While you may not have lost me as a fan. You have lost me as a die hard fan who looks for anything that remotely has to do with hockey. Now it will be if I have time or interest. Bottom line, I will still spend money on hockey, but not at the level I did before.

Weigh in fans! What are you going to do to fill the time?
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